Monday, October 13, 2008

Mediation ONE Transforming Confusion into Wisdom

Our first meditation, began together yesterday, Sun. Oct. 12th at 4:00pm MST USA/Canada.

Comments from this mediation are cascading in. Thank you to those of you who are willing to share. Your experiences are each an invaluable contribution.

Even though many of us meditated together (from our own homes), from all over the globe yesterday, this first style of meditation will continue through Mon. Oct. 27th. Feel free to join in at any point. You can learn the forum for "Meditation One" by emailing me at I will send you the e-mail that went out, which will teach you the style of meditation we are working with for the next couple of weeks. It is incredibly healing.

Please feel free to repeat this meditation as often as you like between now and our next mediation which will take place as a group Oct. 28th-30th! Look for details on what style of meditation we will be doing to come to you by e-mail the weekend of Oct. 25th.

I have posted my experience from our last group session in the below comments. It was such a profound, yet calming experience. Most importantly, as I meditated on the issue that surfaced for me, I was so touched by the energy that kept coming back with my compassion breath, it was a phrase that told my mind/body/spirit: "everything is just how it should be, everyone is in just the place that they need to be in, everything will fall into place". The other message that seemed to prevail in my experience was that, even though it isn't turning out like we planned, as a world family, we are being prepared for "Blessings Beyond Measure"!

I thought of the phrase by the poet David Whyte, "What you can plan is too small for you to live, what you can live will make plans enough...sometimes it takes darkness, and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn that anything or anyone who does not bring you more alive is too small for you!"

Thanks to all who are sharing as we continue through this important work to bring one another more alive.


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