Monday, November 24, 2008

Global Gratitude

We reach the culmination of our two week Meditation THREE, with a unifying meditation of gratitude.

To wrap up Meditation Three, November 26th & 27th, Wednesday & Thursday Evening at 7pm MST, we will spend 15 minutes together as a group in global meditation of the gifts of Gratitude and Appreciation.

Start with your Sat Nam (details in following entry), and then begin to breathe in feelings of Appreciation and exhale feelings of Gratitude for something that you are thankful for in relation to what is happening in the world right now.

This could be the self-reflection that the upheaval has caused, it could be the way it has taught us that our actions individually really do affect the collective, or that we have an opportunity to see just how much our lives (economic and otherwise) are built on our faith in each other. Or...maybe appreciation and gratitude that many of your e-mail request inspired this meditation.

It is not a coincidence that financial language uses the word appreciation to describe something that increases in value. What we value appreciates, what we appreciate we raise in value.

Thank you for joining in!


Syl MA said...

Tonight as we meditated together, I had an interesting experience: I found as I breathed in appreciation and exhaled gratitude, that my thoughts went to the Rhythm of the Family.

For Thanksgiving I am at my sister's in Denver Colorado. She and her husband currently have three children under the age of 5-years old. It is an intense time for them, but I found myself feeling a flowing appreciation as we have spent the day in the moment, reading, laughing, falling, crying, yelling, and tickeling. The kids all went down just prior to 7pm, and with the house quiet, I felt a sincere appreciation for family.

My meditation drifted to all kinds of families, and the global family of each of us participating together this evening.

When I dropped into the awareness of gratitude, I felt a profound sense of "Rhythm". The rhythm of ups and downs and how the global state of everything is part of a rhythm of wisdom, important to our journey.

And just as parents care over small children, no matter how severe our circumstances, we are being watch over...nothing is lost on any of us...we are given the full intensity of our experince...To paraphrase a saying: "There must needs be 'Rhythm' in ALL THINGS".

I am sincerely gratful for these very profound Rhythms.


Linda said...

Thanks Syl for the meditations, they are a thoughtful blessing.